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Philodendron Billietiae 4 inch

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Philodendron Billietiae Care
The most important thing to keep in mind when caring for a Philodendron billietiae is ensuring that it gets enough humidity. Native to rainforests across South America, this tropical plant enjoys warm temperatures, high humidity, and plenty of indirect light. Since the billietiae is a climbing plant, it also should be given support to climb such as a moss pole or trellis. It’s also important to ensure that this plant has proper drainage as it is susceptible to overwatering and root rot. Well-draining soil and a pot with drainage holes are ideal.

In its native environment, the Philodendron billietiae grows under the rainforest canopy so it does best with bright, indirect light. Small periods of direct sunlight, particularly in the morning and evening, are fine for this plant but avoid prolonged periods of harsh direct light which can burn the leaves.

This tropical plant enjoys soil that is moist but well-drained. It is sensitive to overwatering so ensuring there is enough drainage in the soil is important. A mixture of indoor potting soil, perlite, and orchid bark or vermiculite is ideal.

The Philodendron billietiae needs consistent moisture, but is also sensitive to overwatering. Allow the top one to two inches of soil to dry out between waterings and then water thoroughly, letting the excess water drain from the pot. Keep in mind that the plant will need to be watered more frequently in spring and summer than in fall and winter, so be sure to adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Temperature and Humidity
Warm temperatures and plenty of humidity are required for this tropical houseplant. Keep temperatures between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 27 degrees Celsius) and keep it away from cold drafts or chilly windows. Ideally, humidity levels should stay between 60% to 80% to mimic the plant’s natural environment. Keep a humidifier close to the plant, or place this Philodendron in a greenhouse environment like a greenhouse cabinet or terrarium to control humidity levels.