Going on vacation or out of town and you need someone to water your plants? Let me care for them. Affordable pricing on a case by case basis depending on your location, number of plants and how often they will need to be watered. I will care for them and keep them thriving. Or maybe you have some issues with your houseplants and they're just not as happy as they should be. I provide consultation to get to the root of whatever is bothering your plant and help trouble shoot and fix the issues. I can take your plants under my wing and care for them, then return them to you in better shape. I'll provide you with feedback and care instructions so you can continue to keep your plants in good health. 

Price varies. 



You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room of plants? Not only are they visually appealing to look at, but you feel their energy they give off. Plants liven up a drab, cold space and give it life and uplifting energy. They brighten up any area big or small, help reduce stress and anxiety, and create relaxing and calming vibes.

If your space ~ home, business, office ~ needs a little brightening up and you just don't know where to start, I am your lady! 🙋‍♀️


Plant Consultation ~ Let's me up and talk ideas and inspirations. Collectively we will come up with your plant dream space.

Plant Proposal ~ I'll put together a multi-tiered proposal of suggestions based on our consultation, time-line, and budget.

Plant Install ~ I will beautify your space with healthy lush greenery AND take care of them! I will care for the plants ensuring the highest of quality. This can be long term care or just enough for you to eventually take over the ropes. Don't worry, we all have it in us to be amazing plant parents!

Price varies based on terms. 



As a small business owner, do you wish you had a product to sell that fostered joy and creativity, that made people happy, and made your shop look amazing?? Indoor house plants do just that. Let me help elevate your shop with fun displays of greenery and plants. Together we can decide on what a plant display could look like in your space. I stock your shop displays with beautifully arranged healthy happy houseplants. I provide all the care and watering, and keep the display full. 

Price varies based on terms.