Plants make people happy and our mission is provide quality plant goods that spread joy and foster happiness, health, and positivity ❤️

Shop a wide selection of indoor house plants grown with love

💥 BIG End of Summer Blow Out 💥


September 24, 2022. 10AM-2PM.

📍 4215 Hays Drive, Hood River, OR 97031

Message to visit (541) 490-0936

Summer Shop now open! Days & hours are flexible. Text or call to come by and browse our rustic little plant paradise (541) 490-0936. Just 4 miles from downtown Hood River on the way to Mount Hood.

Plant vibes are good vibes...

Located just 4 miles south of downtown Hood River, our little plant shop is like walking into a relaxing plant paradise.

We have many different kinds and sizes of classic favorites like Monsteras, Pothos, Snake Plants, Philodendrons and also some harder to find gems like Philodendron Pink Princesses and Silver Swords. Come see for yourself.

Days and hours vary so shoot a text or give a call to come by (541) 490-0936.