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Golden Pothos 4 inch

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Golden Pothos is one of the world’s best-selling plants, for a good reason! These beautiful trellising plants look great in a hanging basket, or draping gracefully off of shelving. Golden Pothos plants are unbelievably low-maintenance, having a popular reputation for being impossible to kill, which is why they're sometimes nicknamed devil’s ivy.


Their leaves contrast with shades of green, yellow, and off-white in marbled patterns that stand out among other houseplants. Your golden pothos can dry out between waterings and grow in either dark rooms or bright, indirect light, so it's a great option to place in tricky areas where other plants won't thrive. However, since this species is toxic, it's also important to grow yours out of reach of children and pets

LIGHT: medium to low indirect light. Placing near an eastern or northern window is ideal.

WATER: when top 50% soil is dry. Enjoys occasional misting and clean leaves.