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Spathiphyllum "Peace Lily"

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Calm, tropical, beautiful. Bring that sort of ambiance to your favorite room by growing peace lilies. The name “peace lily” came about because the white flowers look like white flags of peace—though they aren’t actually lilies. Instead, they’re tropical perennials, meaning when you practice good peace lily care, these plants can live for years and flower over and over again. Ideal for home or office growing, they're easy to take care of, don’t require a lot of light, and do a wonderful job cleaning and purifying the air.

Peace lilies will practically grow in the closet, but that doesn’t mean that’s where you should put them. When grown in low light, these plants will rarely bloom. So if it’s foliage you’re after, go ahead and put your peace lily in a dark corner. If you want flowers, though, place it where it will receive bright, indirect light. Just make sure there aren’t any drafts—since they’re tropical, peace lilies are sensitive to cold temperatures.

Peace lilies need consistently moist soil, but they definitely don’t like to sit in standing water. Whenever the top inch of soil is dry, water the plant until the overflow starts to come out of the bottom of the container. Wait until it stops draining, then set the pot back in its saucer.

Peace lilies don’t usually behave like drama queens, unless you forget to water them. One day your beloved plant is looking gorgeous, then the very next day you find it flopping over in its pot like an exhausted teenager on a sofa. Not to worry! Simply water immediately, let the plant soak it up, and water again. That’s it—you’re back on track.