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Pothos Silver Splash 6 inch

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Not only is this plant beautiful, it’s really relatively easy to care for. 

Bright Indirect light is definitely best for this plant! It will tolerate medium-to-lower light conditions also, but may not grow as quickly and may cause the silver color to fade. Too much light will burn the leaves. Allow the pothos to go mostly dry before watering again, about 75% dry. Too much soggy soil on a pothos can cause the roots to rot. When you do water your pothos, do so thoroughly before allowing it to dry again. The pothos can also be grown and thrive in water. Use a well-draining soil for your pothos. These plants do not like to be soggy! These plants are considered toxic, so keep out of reach of any curious eaters.

Bonus tip: Pothos are very easy propagators. You can cut a leaf right at the node, stick it in water, and watch the roots begin to grow!